The Woodlands/Croppings 2 phases

Thank you for your interest in the last phases of our development of Lightmoor Village. Bournville Village Trust (BVT) are pleased to be working with Jessup to complete the development of homes in Lightmoor Village.

Plans for The Woodlands:

Woodlands and Croppings Character Styles

Woodlands and Croppings Key Buildings Characters styles. Material Options

Woodlands Character Style Traditional

1905-02-020 REV W Site Layout Block Plan

Site Layout 27.03.20.Woodlands Street Scenes

Plans for Croppings Park (Phase 2):

Croppings & Woodlands Character Styles

Croppings & Woodlands Key Buildings Characters styles. Material Options

Croppings Character Style Modern

1905- 01-P -02 – CROPPINGS SITE LAYOUT – BLOCK PLAN 1-500 -21.10.20

Croppings Street Scenes