BVT Lightmoor Village Stewardship Charge

What is the Stewardship Charge and why do we pay it?

Each household in Lightmoor Village, regardless of property size or tenure, pays an annual ‘Stewardship Charge.’

This charge contributes to the cost of delivering the Estate Management function in Lightmoor Village as well as the management and maintenance of public and shared areas in the Village that are owned by BVT.

As with most new housing developments, there are areas of public open space and other shared surfaces in Lightmoor Village that will not be adopted by the local authority (Telford and Wrekin Council).

These areas must be managed and maintained by an alternative organisation. The Stewardship Charge funds this management which is delivered to residents by BVT in Lightmoor Village.

As well as the management of public open spaces, the restrictive covenants in place in Lightmoor Village also enable BVT to manage the visual amenity of all the properties in the Village through a specialised development control function.

What services does the charge pay for and what are the benefits for residents?

The Stewardship Charge covers the cost of running the Estate Management function in Lightmoor Village.

This includes the ongoing management of the Village as a whole through the enforcement of covenants, as well as the management and maintenance of public open spaces and other shared areas which are owned by the us.

The items funded by the Stewardship Charge are as follows:

  • The Bournville Village Landscapes service. Further information from
  • Management and maintenance of public open spaces and shared spaces which are owned by us.
  • The Estates & Stewardship team and the work they do is partially funded by the Stewardship Charge.
  • Management and maintenance of the IRS (Integrated Reception System) system.
  • Management and maintenance of the SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • The ‘Wear and Tear Fund’
  • Legal and administration fees
  • Insurance

The associated benefits of the Estate Management service in Lightmoor Village include:

The Bournville Village Landscapes service which provides:

    • Litter picking
    • Grass cutting and strimming
    • Hedge pruning
    • Weed and moss control
    • Leaf blowing and clearance
    • Re-filling grit bins
    • Emptying waste bins (in areas owned by BVT)
  • Distributing parking notices

(Please note that a number of these services only occur in areas which are owned and maintained by BVT. However some services occur across the entire village regardless of land ownership i.e. litter picking and leaf blowing.)

Management / maintenance of public open spaces (under BVT ownership)

We own and are responsible for large amounts of public open space in Lightmoor Village.

The Trust manages and maintains these spaces to a high standard through the services provided by Landscape service the management practices carried out by the Estates Team and maintenance works carried out by internal and external contractors.

The management and maintenance of these public open spaces enhances the visual amenity in Lightmoor Village ensuring that it is, and will continue to be, an attractive and pleasant place to live.

You can view a map showing the areas of the Village that are owned and maintained by us here

Estate Inspections

Regular Estate Inspections and Walkabouts are conducted in Lightmoor Village with various BVT officers in attendance. These Estate Inspections and walkabouts are used to note down any problems in the village, any maintenance issues which need further attention and any covenant breaches. Once the Inspection is complete, the Estates Team forwards any information to any relevant internal and external parties and takes further action where necessary.

The Estate Inspections are a useful tool for the Estates Team as they allow them to keep up to date with any new or recurring issues which need to be addressed within the Village. The Estate Inspections and the associated work which comes from them, helps to protect and enhance the visual amenity of the Village, making it a pleasant place to live for all residents.

Covenant Enforcement

Each privately owned property in Lightmoor Village is bound in a legal agreement with BVT.

BVT benefits from legal obligations and covenants contained within each property’s transfer documents (TP1) and this allows us to take action against residents who breach these covenants. These covenants allow us to comprehensively manage the external visual amenity of each home and therefore the aesthetic value of the Village as a whole.

The Wear and Tear Fund

The Wear and Tear Fund (also known as a reserve fund) is a pot of money put aside in order to ensure that we can cover large future expenditures. Having a Wear and Tear Fund is an important element of estate management practice as it ensures that large future expenditures are covered without large one-off charges to residents. The Wear and Tear Fund is ‘ring-fenced’ and can only be spent on capital replacement and cyclical maintenance in areas owned by us.

For more information about the Stewardship Charge, please contact the Stewardship Team on 01952 898524, or via email at