LVEM Committee role profile and person specification

  1. Role specification

Committee member role

The role of the Lightmoor Village Estate Management Committee member is to work with other members primarily to:

  • Consider and propose the annual budget to the Telford Estates & Development Committee.
  • Develop and recommend approval of an annual service plan (setting out targets and improvement actions).
  • Develop and recommend approval of the annual planned maintenance programme.
  • Develop and recommend approval of amendments to the design guides.
  • Receive quarterly financial reports on expenditure against budget, estate management activities, community engagement and local partnership working and development in Lightmoor Village.
  • Receive and reach a decision on appeals against the implementation of the design guide.
  • Ensure that we hear the voice of our customers at every level of our governance.

Governance duties and responsibilities

  • Uphold BVT’s strategic mission, aims and demonstrate the Group’s values of Partnership, Fairness, Quality, Integrity and Innovation.
  • Contribute to and share responsibility for the decisions of the Committee.
  • Attend induction, training and performance review sessions and other such sessions or events as are reasonably required, including representing the Committee when requested.
  • Attend all meetings of the Committee and to read Committee papers before meetings.
  • Support and contribute towards the delivery of responsibilities defined within the Committee Terms of Reference.
  • Add value to the work of the Committee by contributing experience, expertise and insight.
  • Act in the best interests of the Group and its key stakeholders.
  • Establish a culture that is positive, focused on the needs of current and future residents, other customers and key stakeholders, and embeds equality, diversity and inclusion in the organisation.
  • Ensure that BVT complies with statutory and regulatory requirements including the Regulatory Frameworks in which we operate.
  • Ensure that BVT complies with the adopted Code of Governance and Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and any Group policies 

Person specification

Skills and experience

All committee members must have experience and knowledge in at least one of the following essential areas which may be gained through being a resident in the Lightmoor Village community plus any other voluntary or employment roles in the area:

  • Place shaping and stewardship
  • Customer experience, insight and engagement
  • Community investment

        2. Competencies and behaviours

The way that committee members conduct themselves and interact with others has a significant impact on the performance of the committee they serve and on the performance of BVT.  Committee members must demonstrate BVT’s values and positive indicators in the following competencies:

  • Leadership – Role-modelling the desired culture, values and behaviours of the organisation, champions equality and diversity, demonstrates high standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Team working and communicating effectively – Actively contributes to the effectiveness of the Committee, actively listens to and recognises the strengths and contributions of others. Builds constructive relationships with other committee members, BVT’s Executive team and officers.
  • Influencing and constructively challenging – Works collaboratively to reach consensus decisions, respects and supports collective decisions made by the Committee.
  • Analysing and scrutinising – Actively seeks facts, data and information necessary to make strategic decisions and to ensure that performance delivery and management of risk is in line with our risk appetite, analyses data to determine key issues, identify gaps, and is able to draw appropriate conclusions from complex information.
  • Customer and community focus – Demonstrates a clear customer perspective and an ability to understand and articulate customers’ needs, overseeing the implementation of strategies, policies and procedures designed to best meet those needs, champions the voice of customers and communities.
  • Directing strategy – Actively contributes to setting, prioritising and monitoring delivery of strategic objectives, is able to take a broad overview, taking into account all relevant factors when considering organisational strategies, brings knowledge of environmental scanning into debate and is aware of trends and developments both internally and externally.
  • Self-management and development – Demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to their role, prepares in advance, regularly attends and participates fully in meetings, participates fully in appraisals and Committee effectiveness reviews, takes personal responsibility and encourages others to do the same.
  • Partnerships and relationships – Is a strong ambassador for BVT and the Lightmoor Village Estate Management Committee, acting responsibly and appropriately when representing BVT at external events, builds and maintains constructive working relationships with other committee members, officers and relevant stakeholders, develops networks to improve their knowledge and share best practice.
  1. Other information

3.1 Time commitment

Members will need to prepare for and attend around 4-8 Committee meetings each year plus occasional additional activities and events. Meetings last approximately 2 – 2½ hours and you will need to allow time to fully read your Committee papers.

Meetings usually take place in the afternoon or early evening.

 3.2  What we will provide

To support Committee members in their roles, we will provide:

  • A tailored induction programme with appropriate levels of support and access to learning opportunities.
  • Ongoing learning and development activities.
  • Access to IT equipment to support you in your role (if required).
  • Our roles are not remunerated but reasonable, allowable expenses such as mileage can be claimed.