Jessups Development – Consultation 4

Consultation Four

Future Management of the Village and New Road Names

This consultation is open until midnight on Wednesday 24th June 2020.

We will work with Jessup to summarise and respond to the consultation in detail by Monday 29th June.

Hello Residents

Welcome to the final round of our consultation.

This is focused on 2 matters:

Hopes, Dream and Concerns

  • The way in which BVT manage the Village, after the new homes are fully completed

Road Names for the unnamed roads

  • Your ideas on road names in the areas where we have unnamed roads.

We want residents and the school children at the Primary School to help us by suggesting new road names.

Children at Lightmoor primary school helped with the names for The Paddocks (from the old field map).

To help you (but most certainly not to contain your ideas), we thought you might like to see this old map of Lightmoor and the current names allocated in the village:

Old Field Names

Street Names Lightmoor Village


There are a few rules for naming roads

Here are some protocols and guidelines to ensure the names you suggest are compliant with the relevant requirements:

  • Names must be distinctive – there must be no similar name elsewhere in the Telford and Wrekin
  • For all roads in the Village to date, many have come from the old field names in this area. All have a local connection.
  • Suggestions can be made for personal names to be used, but not for living people. If a noteworthy local deceased person’s name is suggested, then short biographical notes should be provided. Written consent may be required from relatives. BVT can do that for you. All names will need to be agreed and approved by T&WC at the end of this process. Royal Mail allocate postal addresses and allocate post codes.

T&WC will work out how many names are needed for their purposes across the Village. Names will be needed for The Woodlands, including the principal street that leads to our temporary car park. Lightmoor Way runs through The Woodlands.

The agreed protocol is that Lightmoor Way is not to be used in postal addresses for houses. As a result of this we have used Little Meadow Mews and Little Flint for houses fronting Lightmoor Way. The only properties with Lightmoor Way addresses are those in the Village Centre and the retail units

If there are any courtyards and drives for example, off Furnace Avenue, it will be for TWC to determine if they require a road name.

TWC have yet to open discussions in detail for any road adoptions relating to the Jessup sites. Any roads, drives and courtyards adopted by TWC, will need to be named. Any managed by BVT will not require a name.

If we cannot use up all your great ideas now, we will save them until later.

There may be future opportunities on naming the David Wilson Development in Lightmoor off The Bache, if/when BVT and DWH reach agreement on access.

We will keep you informed of that as we know more.

BVT solicitors and technical staff are still negotiating the detail and costs of that development with DWH, to enable the Lightmoor Village extension.


We are open to hear from residents on any matters, including the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you have any hopes and dreams about our management of the new homes, or Lightmoor Village as a whole, when the developers have left?
  2. Do you have any concerns about the future management of the new homes, or Lightmoor Village when the developers have left?
  3. Do you have any suggestions on road names for both the new Jessup Developments?

All residents are encouraged to view and comment on the information and to be part of planning the successful Lightmoor Village of the future.


Consultation Feedback

Please send all feedback on this consultation to BVT by midnight on Wednesday 24th June 2020, to

We have let this run another week due to the last week being a bank holiday and to enable the school to engage their children.

BVT will inform you know through this website and through social media when our responses and actions are published.

As you will have gathered by now, – all concerns and our responses and all consultation information and phases of consultation are available on this website.

The Reserved Matters Planning Application at TWC Planning closed on 16th May 2020.


We encourage you to share positive and negative views on the new development plans with TWC, through the Local Planning Authority (LPA) portal.

We encourage you to view and respond as you wish:

The Croppings Phase 2



What happens next on Planning Permission?

TWC, BVT and Jessup met on 21st May to discuss the consultation so far and how we could accommodate resident and stakeholder requests into revised plans.

We will be in touch soon, to summarise what has been agreed (subject to the Planning final approval) and the next steps.

Many thanks for your support and interest in our consultation.