Jessup Development – Consultation 3


Consultation Three 

The way the development will happen – on site activity and impact on existing residents 

This consultation is open until midnight on Monday 4th May 2020.

We will work with Jessup to summarise and respond to the consultation in detail by Friday 8th May 2020


Hello Residents

Welcome to the third round of our consultation, which is focussed on the way in which we manage the development, when the homes at the Croppings Phase 2 and the Woodlands, and the new Woodland Park are built out.

BVT and Jessups are committed to listening to resident views.

We have committed to make an early start in the development period to complete the new car park at The Croppings Phase 2.

This will release the current overflow car park for development on the Woodlands Site.

It is currently envisaged that the development will happen Monday to Friday in (full days) and Saturday Mornings.

We are open to hear from residents on all other matters related to the on-site period, including, the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you have any particular concerns about the contractors working on site?
  2. Do you have any requirements or conditions for us to consider building into the agreement with the developers when they are operatinng on site?
  3. Do you have any questions for us relating to the on-site period?

All residents are encouraged to view and comment on the information and to be part of planning the successful Lightmoor Village of the future.

Consultation Feedback

Please send all feedback on this consultation to BVT by midnight on Monday 4th May 2020, at

Consultation 3 Residents Response Feedback

Feedback from Consultation 3- Residents Response


We will let you know through this site and through social media when our responses and actions are published.

This is a dynamic process, consultation is multi part. Our next consultation will be: Consultation 4: Future management of the new developments are as follows:

    • This will start on week commencing Monday 11th May for one week
    • Responses will be given on week commencing Monday 18th May 2020.

The Reserved Matters Planning Application, has now gone live:

We encourage you to share positive and negative views on the new development with TWC, Through TWC Local Planning Authority (LPA) portal.

We encourage you to view and respond as you wish to on the TWC Planning portal under these 2 links by 16th May 2020:

The Croppings Phase 2


The live application which has now been validated by TWC, means Jessup can start to pick up some of our consultation completed and build this into plans with TWC, prior to planning approvals.

Jessup and BVT will also now start to engage with:

  • The residents who live on the Bache on the Woodland Homes landscape to the front of The Bache
  • the school, on the boundary between the school and the Croppings 2 Development