Integrated Reception System

Lightmoor Village is served by an Integrated Reception System, a single mast and dish that connects to all the properties in Lightmoor Village. Using this communal system, residents are able to receive all signals for TV, radio, Free-view, Free-sat
and Sky.

Lightmoor Village has been designed and built to the highest quality specification. Bournville Village Trust (BVT) work together with their partners to maintain these standards. Part of this commitment is the wish to avoid the visual amenity issues caused by TV and radio aerials and satellite dishes attached to houses.

This system guarantees excellent reception wherever you are in Lightmoor Village.

IRS & Sky TV

The IRS supplies Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Free-sat signals to your property, please note that you may need to subscribe to view these services.The system can be set up to send the signal to the other TV points to allow viewing of Sky services in other parts of the property.

PLEASE NOTE IRS at Lightmoor Village is not compatible with Sky Q or the Multiroom service offered by Sky. When dealing with Sky, please let your supplier know that you are connected to a Sky+ compatible IRS.

IRS & Radio

The IRS provides FM and DAB (digital) radio signals. Your radio reception may be greatly improved by connection to the IRS. Many Hi-Fi systems and quality portable radios and other systems have a connection for external antennae. Please note that both Free-view and Sky carry the major radio stations, which means that you can also listen to radio on your TV (via your receiver) or connect to a suitable audio device.

How to report faults with the IRS system

If you are having trouble with your IRS system and it is not working correctly then please contact the Estates Team by email or by phone 01952 898524