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New resident talks about life in Bournville House

Bournville House located in lovely Lightmoor Village is an extra-care facility for people aged 50 and over. It provides an opportunity for fully independent living while having care available when or if you need it. Recently 58 year old Lucy moved into Bournville House and talks about her experience so far:

Tell us about yourself Lucy.

I was born in Hadley but moved to Wales at the age of 12 and went to a Welsh school that taught only in Welsh. I moved back to Telford, got married and had kids and then moved back to Wales. I decided to go back to studying and went to university and qualified as a nurse. I loved my job and enjoyed working with district nurses and had a particular interest in running a leg ulcer clinic, as I understood how much this affected patients. Sadly I started suffering from health problems and ended up in a wheelchair for eight months due to Spondylitis Osteoarthritis, this meant my career was over and I was unable to work.

Is Bournville House the first extra care facility you’ve lived in?

No when I was diagnosed I decided to move back to Telford to be closer to my family but I still wanted to retain my independence while having a safety net. Firstly I moved to Shrewsbury in a new extra care facility but I didn’t settle, there were lots of changes made that I wasn’t comfortable with, I was growing increasingly unhappy.

How did you hear about Bournville House?

It was my daughter, she’d seen a post on Facebook and told me about it. So I phoned and spoke to Donna, the manager and she invited me to have a tour. As soon as I walked in, I warmed to it, I loved the foyer with all the plants and then the cafe. The garden is gorgeous, the team were great and the residents I met were very friendly. I visited three times, not because I was unsure but because I couldn’t decide which apartment to have!

When did you move in?

I moved in on the 24th June, which of course was the hottest day ever! But everybody was great and it was an easy process.

How have you found your first few weeks?

I’m loving it, the fact I can live my life, visiting family and friends, coming and going when I want too but equally I’ve made friends here and go and spend afternoons with them enjoying coffee and cake. It’s also peace of mind that there is security and also people on site 24 hours a day if its needed.

What would you say to people who have never considered moving into an extra care facility?

People tend to think of them as only suitable for those who are immobile or have serious health conditions but it’s not. It’s being able to live in a beautiful location, with facilities on hand (café, hairdressers and nail salon) being totally independent but knowing there is support if you need it.

There are currently apartments available in Bournville House, if you would like to chat or arrange a tour, contact Donna or Trish on 0121 667 1028 or 0121 667 1017

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