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Feedback from Re-start the heart event

In September we were delighted to hold our first post-Covid event in the Village and we wanted to use it as an opportunity to talk to you about your thoughts, ideas and questions. It was great to engage with so many people but for those who weren’t able to make it, we thought we’d update here on the topics discussed and answers to questions raised. Don’t forget you can get in touch with us at any time at or call us on 01952 898524.

Tell us your views and what is important to you living Lightmoor?

You asked Our answer
1. What’s happened to the Doctors?


It was always planned to have a doctor’s surgery in Lightmoor Village. Unfortunately the doctor’s surgery didn’t work out because of the lack of footfall. We hope as the Village grows and is completed this will change and it will once again become an open doctor’s surgery. It is currently used as a doctor’s office.
2. Can we get a convenience shop; to be able to buy newspapers and food


We know residents would like to a convenience store in the Village Centre. Our commercial team are currently working on letting the unit out. When we have information to share we will let residents know.
3. Is there plans to have a cashpoint in the Village? Ideally a cashpoint would be situated in the convenience store unit. However, there are costs associated with installing a cashpoint that the people who lease the unit will have to consider especially as we’re becoming a more cashless society.
4. What’s happening with the café in Bournville House Sadly the funding for the bistro was withdrawn by Telford & Wrekin Council. BVT are currently reviewing all services at Bournville House and will share news as and when we know. We do have Emma’s Delicatessen in the Village Centre and actively promote this as a community venue.
5. What are you going to do about the parking issues? We understand parking is an important issue to residents. We will be inviting residents to work with us on doing a parking survey across Lightmoor to help understand the issues and how we can work together to resolve them.
6. What’s happening with the allotments/ community garden plans? 6. We are currently looking at a suitable location and community funding to enable us to develop a community allotment.  We welcome interest and volunteers to support this project.
7. We’d like to see more family activities and support 7. We fully agree with the importance of families and friends and the built in support network for health benefits and mental wellbeing. Healthy families ensure we gain positive contributions within the wider community.  We hope the future activities and continued services offered by us support this.
8. Can you provide some support about positive role modelling/parenting 8. As per the previous comment to ‘family’. We as an organisation are very keen to re-establish activities and services from the OTC that actively supports and promotes opportunities for families and individuals that enables all to learn, enjoy, build confidence, promote positive role modelling and achieve.


Tell us what you would like to see happening in the village?

1. Farmers Market; Market; Christmas Market; Craft Fayre; Regular market.



This was one of the most popular responses. We already have planning in place for our autumn market and Christmas Fayre, details will be regularly updated on our social media platforms. Our future longer term plan is to hold quarterly/seasonal markets throughout the year.  We are currently liaising with Telford & Wrekin Council for guidance on this.
2. Music Festival A great idea and something we are considering for next summer. We would like to have residents involved in planning and shaping events and activities all year round, so please let us know if you’d like to get involved!
3. Father Christmas to visit. Father Christmas loves visiting the children in Lightmoor Village every year. We’ve put the request in and we think he will be visiting again this year J
4. Firework Night Unfortunately due to uncertainties around COVID and time constraints we have scaled back a number of larger events this year including fireworks.
5. Fun day/Bouncy Castle As per previous requests this is something we hope to plan in next spring/summer.
6. See the fire engine (from Thea age 4) We hope Thea met Red Watch at our event.  Hopefully Shropshire Fire Service will be able to attend future events too. We plan to build on these relationships with our partners to offer more shared events.


Tell us what you would like to learn?

1. Cooking challenge; cooking courses







We are working with Learn Telford to review ways we could introduce this (i.e. mobile cooking resources).  In the meantime we will actively promote and signpost to other venues where these courses are able to run. Please follow our social media pages BVT Lightmoor and Oak Tree Centre to keep updates on new activities.
2. English & Maths We are working with Learn Telford to offer these courses. Please remember to complete the online form to help us and Learn Telford build a greater knowledge of suitable course to run, and best times of the day
3. More activities and clubs for all ages Our plan is to work with resident volunteers to reintroduce a youth club next year.  Other new providers have recently introduced new sessions at OTC to include Yoga, Martial Arts, Top Hats Drama, Rainbows, Brownies and craft sessions.


Young People – Tell us what you would like to see happening in your Village?

Bike track, BMX track, better skate park, bigger park, swimming pool, discos, more sports activities These are all great ideas and a good starting point to start discussions on the needs of our young people in the Village.


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