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In the next couple of days Lightmoor Village residents will receive details of the 2021 Lightmoor Village Estate Management Committee elections. The Committee has been reshaped to be resident led and to have greater oversight and authority of BVT’s estate and stewardship activities in Lightmoor Village.

We would love to receive nominations from a diverse cross-section of the community, so whether you’ve been a resident since the beginning or have recently moved in, you would be welcomed. Perhaps you can offer us insights into:

  • Being a parent in Lightmoor Village
  • Giving an understanding of cultural differences
  • Experience of living with a disability or caring for vulnerable people
  • Being a member of our older or younger communitiesEvery person on the Committee will have a voice and an opportunity to shape Lightmoor Village’s future. So if you would like further details about being a Committee member, please go to
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