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An update from Crest Nicholson

Re:Rays Meadow Roadworks 

As you will be aware issues have been encountered with service mains that have frustrated the completion of the final portion of Rays Meadow roadworks.

We understand that Keepmoat are currently organising diversion of these service mains, however diversion works are likely to take many weeks to get organised before actual diversions are physically carried out.

Over recent weeks we have therefore been progressing construction of the permanent highway works, as far as we are able, and during the next week will be constructing a temporary tarmac road past the area of the services.

We will open Rays Meadow for public use as soon as this temporary section of the road has been completed. Please be aware that the width of the temporary road is restricted to approximately three meters wide by the problem services and there is only suitable for single way traffic. It is proposed to allow vehicles to access from both directions as there is good visibility of vehicles from either end of the temporary road and with user curtsy this will be a safe method of using the road.

In the coming weeks when the service mains are being diverted it is likely that it will be necessary to close the road to public access for periods of time. We will advise you of this as and when we get information from Keepmoat. This could be a number of closures as individual services are diverted or a single longer closure. We will endeavour to retain access for public use as far as is practical ad safe during the diversion works.

Once the services have been diverted the road will be closed for a period whilst we complete construction of the final portion of Rays Meadow to link up with Little Flint Lightmoor Way.

We apologies for the above and will strive minimise your inconvenience as far as we are able.

Yours faithfully

Alan Worley
Senior Projects Manager

If any residents have any questions, please contact BVT at Cherry Tree House on 01952 898524 or email

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