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Update BT Openreach Superfast Broadband

Kevin Webb, the Project Director has some advice of the works to enable BT Openreach superfast broadband.

Openreach have this morning let Kevin know that they need to do further works to the cabinet at the top end of Harding Wood (cabinet 32 on the Dawley network)

The work is programmed for this Saturday. 12th November 2016. Kevin assumes from what he has been told, that the works will be done in a day.

Kevin does not have full details but he gathers that the cabinet itself has to be changed. This needs work in the road itself and therefore needs appropriate traffic management and safety measures. He  advises that the traffic management should be required for two or three hours.


He thinks that these changes to the cabinet (and also perhaps to cabinet 30 outside the Village) are the final piece in the jigsaw for the delivery of super-fast broadband, although they’ll doubtless have to test and commission on successful completion of the changes.

Kevin thinks that the Village remains on track for the BT upgrade this year, ahead of the originally published programme.

If you have any questions please ring the office on 01952 898524.


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