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Roadworks update

An update from Kevin Webb.

Crest Nicholson’s contractor’s (Newpool) will be doing a letter drop today, to those residents most directly affected by some of these works.

The works to complete the upper end of Rays Meadow have run into unforeseen difficulties.

The intention is then that the contractor will start with the next major work item early next week – possibly 21st or 22nd November. This is the construction of the raised table on Furlong Green, between Lightmoor Way and Green Moors.

To allow the raised table to be constructed, the road will need to be closed for approximately two weeks. There will be diversions and of course all road users should follow advisory and safety signage. These traffic management measures will affect all residents in the lower end of the Crest Nicholson site and also those in Little Green Avenue and Stocking Park Road.

The next major works are then to construct duct crossing points and drainage spurs over Lightmoor Way in the area of the apartments and the Crest Nicholson site compound, near to the junction with Rays Meadow.

These are now programed to start in early December and should take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. The programme for this work may become more clear as the raised table works proceed.

The developer and contractor propose to undertake these works without a closure of the main road – the works will be done on each side of the road in turn. There will be restricted access along Lightmoor Way with one way traffic management – with traffic lights or other controls.

The intention remains to get most of the road works completed before the end of December if at all possible (weather and other factors permitting), leaving the laying of the final road surface in early 2017. Further advice on the programme will be given as the works proceed, particularly for the upper end of Rays Meadow.

For more information please contact Kevin Webb at Cherry Tree House on 01952 898524, or email

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